I am a performer, singer, songwriter a writer and a creative enthusiast. I set up this site to share my creative process, connect with people and inspire the creativity in all of us. Some of this stuff is work-progress, but isn’t everything? I deal with the nagging voice of all new bloggers… “who care’s about my blog and why pile on more crap out there?” Well I think, BECAUSE if I don’t do it it will never get better.

Creativity is my yoga and like yoga, creativity is a discipline that makes us strong, stretches us and helps us see how we do things in our body and how we do it in the world. Create every day and slowly you change over time, unwind knots, stand a bit taller, breath deeper and find joy.

I believe that everyone has an impulse to create but they get squashed by life’s demands and expectations of perfection, when the most important thing is to create, do and be alive.

Music and storytelling are my birthright. Yours too, take it. Everyone is creative not just “creative types” we are all creative people. I invite you to take the time to play, explore, ignite your creativity, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  If you are tired and over-worked come play and discover your true nature.